New World Henna – Mehndi in Memphis and the Mid-South
Pricing Rates

For henna bookings, contact Beth Kitchen (formerly Hendrickson) at beth@newworldhenna.com.

Our Prices for Henna / Mehndi / Mehendi for Memphis & Mid South Clients, Events, Brides & Destination Weddings

Individual henna application AT FESTIVALS:

For any festival we are attending, individual designs start at $5 and go up.  Please see events page for our schedule.

Individual henna application BY PRIVATE APPOINTMENT:

Private appointments start at $20 and go up.  Please see our Appointments page to book an individual henna appointment.

Henna parties and group events:

$80 per hour per artist, pro-rated to the nearest 15 minute mark. $40 non-refundable deposit required. One and a half hour minimum ($120).

Charities/Fundraisers/Library Programs (local):

$40 per hour per artist, pro-rated to the nearest 15 minute mark. 2 hour minimum ($80).

Bridal Pricing:

The price for just the BRIDE’s mehndi (hands, arms, feet & legs) is a flat charge and can range anywhere from $100-$400, depending on how much you want, how intricate the design is and whether or not you want to add gems and gilding. The standard price is usually somewhere around $240-$290 for a FULL type design on arms/hands and feet. Click here to see the bride’s detailed pricing guide.  To schedule a free bridal consultation, email Beth at beth@newworldhenna.com or call at 901-508-3360. The mehndi application must be done 2-3 days before the wedding date/time for the best color.

For the bride’s FAMILY & PARTY GUESTS, an hourly rate is used.  My bridal henna/mehndi party rate is $80 per hour per artist.

A $50 deposit is required to book the bridal and is non-refundable if the bride or family cancels.

SPECIAL NOTICE TO BRIDES:  Please be sure to read my full instructions for brides here.  Before I arrive, wash areas with plain water and dry with a towel  and do NOT apply any lotions or oils of any kind to the skin (not even “mehndi oil”).  Also be prepared to sit fairly still and be relaxed during the appointment with minimal distractions and wiggles so that I can go as fast as possible. This makes a HUGE impact and can help turn an 8 hour bridal down to a 4 hour bridal.

Travel fees:

We are based in Memphis, TN so anything outside of the Memphis area, will require a travel fee.  The first 20 miles of drive time is free.  $0.50/mile begins to accrue after 20 miles.  This covers gas money and my time driving.  Don’t forget to calculate for the return trip as well.

Destination Weddings:

We are also available for destination weddings.  Since we are based in the Mid-South, we aren’t too terribly far from many of the popular destination wedding spots in The Gulf of  Mexico- cities like Cozumel, Cancun, The Cayman Islands, The Bahamas, Jamaica, etc, even New Orleans, LA.  For more information on rates for destination wedding mehndi, please email Beth at beth@newworldhenna.com.

*Check out the Events Page to see where we will be next.   Also, to see examples of our work, check out our henna Photo Gallery Page.