New World Henna – Mehndi in Memphis and the Mid-South
Henna Inspired Crafts

Henna / Mehndi / Mehendi Crafts & Party / Bridal Favors in the Memphis & The Mid South Area

Beth of New World Henna also creates henna embellished and henna inspired craft items such as henna candles, henna frames, henna boxes, henna drums, silk fans and  pyrographed (heat pen embellished) leather purses, wallets, boots, etc.  All artwork is done freehand and each piece is unique.  Candles, frames & boxes make great party or bridal wedding party favors or guest favors.

henna embellishment_B henna inspired embellishment_B

We now have available custom henna candles, also called mehndi candles.  These are perfect as wedding favors, guest favors, reception favors, gifts, etc.  Click the big button below to find out more info!

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