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Henna / Mehndi / Mehendi Artists in the Memphis & the Mid South Area, available for Private Appointments, Events, Brides & Destination Weddings

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Beth Kitchen (formerly Hendrickson) is the owner of New World Henna. Beth first became interested in henna when she attended a renaissance fair and got one of these intriguing “temporary henna tattoos”.  A few years later she saw an photo of bridal mehndi in a local Indian magazine and was once again entranced by this beautiful artform.  This time she immediately went home and ordered her first henna kit on the internet and hasn’t looked back since.  Thus began her love affair with the mehndi.


Annie Herron.  Annie and Beth worked together at their corporate jobs and one day at a fundraiser, Annie saw her henna work and being the artistic diva she is, fell in love with the craft right away. Annie works festivals with us and helps Beth with intricate bridal mehndi.


Meet Jen. Jen likes long walks on the beach, romance novels, and The Karate Kid syndications on AMC. She has a creepy shrine to Ralf Macchio in her home and has to be hospitalized every time she sees him get that black eye. In her spare time, Jen stays at home in her special order velveteen snuggie, editing Wikipedia articles, and drinking excessive amounts of wine.  She can also speak elvish as a second language.  This makes her henna boss, Beth, very happy as she now has a henna minion that she can have private nerd conversations with.


Gosh, where do I even start. This, my friends, is Katie Bowles. I’m sure you have heard of her through one avenue or another. Her quick wit and super hats are just some of the many things that you can see at the New World Henna tent. I once witnessed her applying henna with both hands on three people at once. How is that even possible? Well, because she simply is extraordinary. I wish I could be just like her… wait a second…


Sonya. Sonya is a mystery to us all. She has no last name that we are aware of… and she wears a blue bandana a lot. In fact, she wears it so much that we have pretty much decided she belongs to some sort of gang. She likes Coca-cola and a rare brand of cigarettes sold only in Cuba. While her detached behavior is suspicious, her henna applications are delicious. Don’t look her directly in the eye. It might cause her to turn into a werewolf.

3 year old me

Jim Duong is an artist and photographer by trade and took to henna like a fish takes to water.  He is directly responsible for any mistranslated kanji in our henna design books. I heard once that he was forming a secret Yakuza roller derby team. Oh, and yes ladies, the Duong can be booked for private henna applications.


Leandra Urrutia.  Leandra is an art professor at Memphis College of Art, heading up the ceramics department.  Her artistic talents and background come in quite handy when it comes to henna, as evidenced by her beautiful henna work.  Leandra also assists with bridal mehndi.

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James Bowles. James is a strange being, probably not human. He is New World Henna’s booth tart. He has so much useful information about cameras, you wouldn’t believe the things that come out of his mouth. Its simply magical. He charges the customers for consultations about camera use during their henna application. Unfortunately he doesn’t know anything about henna, but the artists get by. He also has a console gaming collection worth over 10 million dollars.


Jeremy Kitchen. Like his namesake, Jeremy (Beth’s husband) is good at making food appear. He makes nachos, pronto pups, funnel cakes, you name it. He’s nice to have around because he provides drinks and food for the “important people” or “artists”. He is occasionally the back-up booth tart, but Beth allows this only in extreme situations, because his inappropriate comments scare the customers plus he doesn’t even know what henna is.  He also is very good at water puddle removing, even when it is raining. He will do it without question or entitlement. He also managed to seduce Beth… really.